Monday, 27 February 2012

T minus 387

There are 387 hours until the start of the fishing season here in Devon, not that I am counting or anything. Fishing never stops here but it does slow down, a few days at local stillwaters, a bit of pike bashing and occasional forays away after grayling but on March the 15th it kicks off properly.

Between now and then I have some serious fly tying to do, I seem to have fallen behind somewhat in my plans to restock the boxes from last year and to tie some new patterns ready for this year's adventures. There is much still to do, so far I have been concentrating on the heavyweights, tungsten bead nymphs and big streamers. Next up on the to-do list spiders and dries.

Copper headed hare's ear nymph. A go to pattern for early season.

Coneheaded bugger, for big waters.

I am now also getting out and about on the rivers I fish looking at how they have overwintered, it is amazing how much they can change in a few short months. Contrary to much of the South and East of the country which is already in drought, our rivers are full. Last year seemed a wetter than average year in North Devon and this year has continued in a similar vain, the local rivers really look in good fettle.

This is the time of year that sees me making my resolutions, New Year's Resolutions are so clich├ęd, new season's resolutions are what its all about! Firstly this year I want more adventure, more days fishing remote or seldom visited waters and more nights under canvas. Researching, planning and preparing for fishing adventures is nearly as much fun as doing them and this winter I have not been idle. I have some beauties pencilled in including fishing waters that have quite possibly never been fished before and a more adventurous slant on a popular foreign fishing destination. I can't wait to get started!

Secondly I plan to really develop my tenkara fishing. Tenkara is an ancient technique used by subsistence fishermen in the mountain streams of Japan. It is something that is in some people's opinion a bit of a 'fad', for me I think it is a technique ideally suited to some of the moorland fishing I enjoy. I really want to spend a lot of time developing my skill with this beautifully simple technique. I will write more about this soon.

Tenkara on the Itchen in February, not exactly what it was designed for but good fun nonetheless.

So that's it from me, more to come soon, in the meantime why not tell me about your resolutions for this season, it would be great to hear from you.


Ps less than 386 hours now...