Saturday, 2 January 2010

Christmas Cast.

Well, that's it for another year. A few pounds lighter in the pocket and a few heavier around the gut! I would like to wish everybody a 'Happy New Year' and hope that there is plenty of fishing lined up for 2010. I have just returned back to Devon from the Christmas visit to catch up with mates and family. All in all, a good time all round. But it's now time to crank things up and get ready for the new season, plenty of fly casting and those pike and grayling that had eluded us during the last visit will be in for it.

After the usual Christmas get-together, it was good to get out and travel up north to the 'Christmas Cast'. I'm not sure how many years we have been meeting up for this social, but it is always worth the miles to attend. After a slow journey up the M6 to Lancashire, I met up with Jim Fearn at his house and we set off to to the river, meeting up with Gary Coxon en-route. The weather was quite nice for the event. There was a bit of fresh snow fall, sleet and a cold wind. But this is what we do! So no complaining, it was hoods up, heads down and crack on with the casting, learning, and having a laugh.

There was a good turn out like usual, with lads traveling down from Scotland, Cheshire, Cumbria and me flying the flag for Devon. In my opinion AAPGAI is the best fly fishing organisation in the world. It certainly has the standard and the instructors and guides who are a part of it put the time and rod hours in to maintain this. There is no better way to learn and progress than spending time at these kind of sessions. It doesn't matter how good you are or think you are, you are never too good to learn. Again I came home with a head full of new ideas, thoughts, questions and answers.

Another good turn out for the 'Christmas Cast'.

As well as some stunning single handed fly casting going on, the salmon guys were displaying some top casting with the double handed rods. As well as using our own set-up whilst casting, it is always good to try and use other types of fly rods and lines. There were plenty of Sage rods and Rio fly lines been used as well as Vision, and Orvis. So there was plenty of selection to try and compare.

Plenty of casting and tackle to try throughout the day.

The beauty of AAPGAI is the range of interest between its members. Primarily game fishing instructors teaching the skills required for successful trout, salmon and grayling fishing. Fly fishing is also the perfect method for many other species. These range from a variety of course fish and saltwater species, that are willing to rise or take a passing fly. Here at Adventure fly fishing UK, we also like to offer this added service. If it takes a fly, we will fish for it and teach you how. These range from pike, carp, zander, bass, pollack, mullet and sharks.

Gary Coxon keeping an eye on proceedings!

For anybody wishing to find a local AAPGAI instructor, then check out the website at With the high standard of its instructors and guides you can be confident that you will get the best service and advice out there. For a quick reference of AAPGAI instructors in Devon, Cornwall, Cumbria, Midlands and Lancashire, have a chat with:-

Mark Bailey: aff-UK (Devon)-
Derrick Jones: aff-UK (Devon)-
Jim fearn: (Lancashire)-
Lee Cummings: (Cumbria)-
Tony Riley: (Cumbria)-
Gary Coxon: (Midlands)-

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