Wednesday, 27 April 2011

The Story so Far.

So the trout season is more than one month old here already. It has been a strange one so far. It hasn't felt like the start of the season it feels a bit like the high summer, dog days. Low river levels, flat calm lakes, suncream and seeking out the shade, this doesn't feel like April!

early April on the top of Bodmin Moor, more usually the scene for waterproofs and general grimness...

Nevertheless, unperturbed by the difficult fishing conditions we have been out and about on the hunt for the local trout and some early exploration on the coast for bass and mullet. 'It's a tough job, but...'! And we have had some success with nice wild brown trout from our reservoirs and plenty of hungry little fellas from what are left of our streams. These difficult conditions have meant that we have also had to be a little more imaginative in our pursuit of sport with some 'unconventional' fly fishing targets - more on that in a later blog.

In between fishing, sun bathing and ice creams we have been doing some fly casting tuition and some fly fishing guiding. The weather has been perfect for teaching with very little breeze to think about and warm water around the toes. When it has come to catching fish though a little perseverance has been required at times.

A nice fish, about to be returned to it's warm bath.

Any way that's it for now. Don't forget we have some courses coming up, a beginners day in June and a casting workshop in July, details on the courses page, if you want to know more just drop me a line.



  1. Great picture and even better fish!! You got a new follower

  2. Thanks Dustin, it was a really nice fish, it is always good when my photography can do a fish justice!