Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Adventure fly fishing - defined.


Somebody asked me recently 'what is Adventure Fly Fishing?' I think at the time I waffled around a bit and kind of half answered him but it certainly got me thinking. That is until last week. Last week was a bit of a busman's holiday which I think captured exactly what I have in mind when I talk about adventure fly fishing.

First of all, the location, it has to be wild.
How's this location?

This is Snowdonia in Wales, not the bit with steam trains, mountain top cafes and inappropriately dressed tourists, this is the part that most people don't know exists (or for that matter know how to pronounce). Here you can expect to see nobody, sheep (of course), red kites and amazing scenery.

Secondly there has to be some water
Like this.

The whole area was criss-crossed with tiny mountain streams, crystal clear, cold, fast flowing and full of beautiful, wild brown trout.

Thirdly, the fishing has to be testing and interesting.
Fish under the rod tip in crystal clear water.

Finally although not strictly a necessity sometimes a little bit of adversity can be added to the mix. The whole week was plagued with gale force winds - again. That is a gale force wind at sea level. So a lake at 750m above sea level provided the perfect venue for a little bit of adversity.

Cameras don't always tell the truth, this lake was being blasted by a howling wind. In case that wasn't enough the rod in use here is my stream 8ft 2 weight - nice.

So Adventure Fly Fishing - Amazing locations, water preferably wild, testing fishing and the occasional twist. Simple really.

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