Thursday, 4 August 2011

The start of another adventure!

Well it has arrived - the start of a new adventure. The bike is loaded, the flies tied, the beats sorted and the body steeled (well OK - I have eaten loads of pasta if that counts). The plan is relatively simple, to cycle across Devon into Cornwall and to fish a different river each day. The reality is a little more difficult, approximately 150 miles of cycling carrying loads of kit, food, clothing, camping gear, cooking gear and of course fishing gear. I must confess I am a little nervous.

'The Stead' fully loaded and ready to roll, albeit slowly.

I am fishing beats of the Westcountry Angling Passport. This is a great scheme offering a large number of very interesting wild fishing at very reasonable prices. The scheme is simple, you buy a number of tokens and when the mood takes you just select a likely looking beat from the brochure and off you go. When you get there you will find a postbox, simply put the requisite number of tokens in the box and you're away and fishing. The guys at the Westcountry Rivers Trust have been very supportive and I have been invited to call in on them on Tuesday as I head towards my last beat, they are planning a little welcoming committee and have even had some interest from the local press. I just hope I don't run out of steam somewhere along the way and fail to turn up!

Passport to an angling adventure

The planning process has been interesting, deciding on the kit has been a process of compromise. Luxuries were the first to go of course but I had to also decide to ditch some of the items that I would otherwise have considered essential. The route I have planned takes in a nice variety of beats, a couple I know well and guide on, one I have fished only once and a couple I have never fished, so it should be interesting. I have in the back of my mind an idea of what I would like to catch but I am sure you will understand if I keep it to myself at this stage! The one guarantee about fishing for wild fish is that nothing can be guaranteed!

Tomorrow sees me set off on the first leg, a cycle of about 35 miles to fish the Culm. If you would like to keep track of me as I cycle and fish my way across the County you can follow me on otherwise you can read about things when I get home. Also whilst we are on the subject of keeping in touch Adventure Fly Fishing UK is now on Facebook, please feel free to take a look and perhaps post a message or two.

Back soon.


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