Saturday, 24 September 2011

Adventure Fly Fishing UK, as seen in...

Do you remember a few months ago I told you about my day out with Simon Dawson a writer with a well known magazine? You can find my blog about it in June on the list to the right of your screen. Well I am very pleased to report that the resultant article has appeared in this month's (October) edition of Devon Life Magazine. I am really pleased with it and proud to be featured in such a prestigious publication.

Simon was a great student, we had a lot of fun, it is quite clear from the article that he thoroughly enjoyed his day. I think it is fair to say that fly fishing was not what exactly he had expected, I think he had anticipated a day sat on the bank of a lake watching a fly drifting about unmolested for hours on end. Of course, we know it is not at all like that, the fish played their part and we had an exciting, tense few hours as the fish chased, swirled, nipped and grabbed quickly moved flies in clear water.
You can almost see the excitement as a fish stalks Simon's fly.

The magazine hit the shelves a couple of days ago and I was probably the first person to buy a copy, Ok I will be honest, I bought 3 copies! Have a read for yourselves, Devon Life Magazine is available at all good newsagents, now! Best be quick before I buy the remaining copies!


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