Tuesday, 30 July 2013

I'm on TV! Well kind of...


Step aside Robson Green, watch out Jeremy Wade, because I am on TV! Well not quite, let me explain:

Those of you that read these blogs will know that I am a keen supporter of the Westcountry Rivers Trust and am proud to be an Angling Ambassador for them. A key part of my role as an ambassador is to encourage greater use of the many miles of wild trout fishing that is available through their passport scheme.

So how to encourage people to use the passport scheme? There are a group of anglers out there who are unfamiliar with fishing streams for wild brown trout who could benefit from being guided through the basics, from where to park, to where to cast. The idea for i-ghillie was born. A virtual ghillie showing you how to tackle your beat, what flies you need and how to access the best fishing spots.

The plan is to produce i-ghillies for around 10 angling passport or booking office beats using a number of local guides and instructors. So back in June I spent a day on one of my favourite beats, Castle Hill on the river Bray, fishing with a film crew attached. A tough fishing day with high winds and rain followed by bright sun and sometimes rain and sun together on a painfully low river. It was interesting work and alot of fun.

To learn more about i-Ghillie and to view my footage from Castle Hill click Here

Look out for more I-ghillie films coming soon.



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