Friday, 28 August 2009

Girl's on top!

Things have been busy at 'aff-UK' which is always nice. The weather has been a bit all over the show recently, but nevertheless we have been doing well on most of our venues. On the whole the pike fishing has slowed down a little, the weather down at the coast has had us having some fun with the bass, and the trout fishing is booming. We have just located a new carp lake that holds a few thirties, so I'll be taking a look at that later this week! One thing that I have noticed lately is the number of females coming to visit us for tuition and guiding. Admittedly some have been dragged along by their husbands and boyfriends, but we are impressed by the number who have booked a day to try it for themselves. Fly fishing, unlike coarse fishing tends to have more of an appeal to the fairer sex. Maybe this has something to do with not having to mess around with maggots and other smelly baits, or simply that woman make excellent fly fishers!

Anyone who knows anything about fly casting will tell you that it is a matter of technique and timing. This suits woman brilliantly. Unlike a lot of casting, fly casting doesn't lend itself to power and strength, as it does with casting a heavy weight and bait. It is often a fault with a lot of beginners, especially men to incorporate to much testosterone into a cast. Woman naturally don't have the same strength as men, so they often use more technique. This is also true when it comes to fishing. Okay, it's always nice to ping a line as far as it will go, but how many fish get caught close in to the edge? Again women will often work a water methodically and search fish out where a man may have over-cast and missed a closer fish. In my opinion, I often find it easier to teach women than men. A lot of this is that women seem to listen a bit more. I'm a guy, I should know. Men tend to break something, then read the instructions on how it should of worked. Women on the other hand tend to be a bit more thorougher in their approach.

We are lucky to have Jax who represents the female side of things at aff-UK. She is often on hand when we are running ladies days, and is very much an accomplished fly fisher and caster in her own rite. She doesn't really have much choice in the matter at times though! She often accompanies us on fishing trips, and is always been dragged along when were having a cast or trying out new bits of tackle. Over the past few years she has developed into a awesome fly caster. This has certainly helped her in the fishing situations that she has faced. She is now used to fishing anything from a small stream, large reservoir, or open ocean, and it has been good watching her progress. From the time that she couldn't even tie on a fly, to now, where she can comfortably fish for any thing that swims!

Jax Mock.....Harassing the smallest fish in the river!

A lot of fishing companies are realising that there is a 'lady boom' in fishing. Don't get me wrong, woman have always fished, loved it, and given most men a run for their money. But they have always been second best when it has come to tackle and clothing. Nowadays though, most fishing tackle companies have their own range of ladies clothing, tackle and accessories. More and more clubs are welcoming lady anglers, and hold regular ladies days to encourage more to take up the sport. Age isn't a concern with fly fishing. From young to old it is always a buzz catching fish on the fly.

Aimee Cashmoore choosing a fly, 'aff-UK' Ladies day

It was good to meet up with Helen Stubbs again at the weekend. I have had the pleasure of her company on a few other fishing days, and it was nice to hear that she was still into the fly fishing and I hadn't bored her off! This time she wanted to try her hand at small river fishing. Jon, her 'now fiancee' decided to sit this one out, and let Helen take advantage of the day. Running water was new to her, and after a few minuets of settling the nerves she took her first steps into the flow! All two inches of it!! After a few near tumbles and looking like 'bamby on ice', she soon got into the swing of it and picked up where she left off from last time. We took our time, and made our way up stream to a couple of nice runs, where she could find her feet and settle into things. It only took a few tweaks and a little bit of explaining about river-craft and she started to rise a few fish.

Helen's first river trout- taken on a dry fly

It was good to watch her make casts into hard places and fool fish with a dry fly. Fly selection wasn't anything special, we mainly used a small olive Klink, and when we fished the darker water used an elk hair caddis. This was only to help us to see the fly. It wouldn't have made any difference to the fishing I don't think.

Helen making her way up-stream

The day ended with her catching a few nice fish, and her enthusiasm for fly fishing went up another level. All in all, a pretty good day.

For those who would like tuition from a female AAPGAI instructor, check out the AAPGAI website for location and availability.

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