Thursday, 10 September 2009

Not finished yet!

Not long till the end of the brown trout season now. Things have been good. Plenty of fish caught and all of our guests and friends have had their rods bent. Spending most of my days out fishing and working, you soon learn that it's not all about catching fish. I think all anglers have their own goals and achievements in mind. Some want to catch a fish every cast, and some enjoy whenever they catch or blank. I have just returned from a three day trip over Dartmoor. I wanted to make the most of fishing whilst the streams were in good condition. The weather has been a bit mixed again. It was nice lower down in the woodlands, and the fishing along the low level streams was very productive. High up over open ground, the conditions were a bit different. Wind and drizzle kept the hatches down a bit. There was a definite drop in air temperature and things were looking like early autumn was poking it's nose through.

Living quite high on Dartmoor, it doesn't take long for them to recover after a flood. We have had another useless summer again. My tan had started to fade by the end of May!! But still, the streams were fish able for most of the season. Dry fly fishing on the whole has been really good down here again. There have been some real good hatches of olives and stonefly. Fly selection is pretty basic. Dry fly will readily be taken in almost any condition. We have used a selection of small olive, black and tan klinks throughout most of the season. When the fish have been feeding sub-surface, then pheasant tails and hairs ears have fooled a lot of trout.

The start of a three day'er.

I'm going to miss the wild fishing on Dartmoor after the closed season. We have spent weeks up there this season and covered hundreds of miles in total. But hey, life must go on! And so it will! Roll on Autumn and winter. Bring on the pike and graying. Maybe a bit of winter carp fishing on the fly! That reminds me, I still haven't looked at that new lake. I wouldn't mind getting a few people into some of those 'thirty pounders. Not that I'd mind one myself either. I'm just getting things ready for a few trips to Chew. The pike have had long enough hiding in the summer weed beds. I have been working on a few new patterns for the big reservoirs. They have been tried and adapted throughout summer, so hopefully they will play their part in the winter campaign. We have also been invited to try a few unknown waters in the area and that hold good numbers of pike (so i'm told), so.............

I'm looking forward to a bit more of this................

and this.......

and this!

As I am writing this, the sun is shining and its gone quite warm outside again! So I will keep it short, because I'm going to crawl into my waders and see what's going on. It's not that the weather will help the fishing much. Most of the trout will be hiding under the stones and rocks. But I fancy a bit of sun on my back, and bit of a wander. It may be near the end of the trout season- but it's not finished yet.

Gone fishing.......... Back soon!!

Footnote: We have just returned from the fishing. As expected it was a bit tough due to the conditions. We managed to sneak a few fish out on the dry. But swinging nymphs seemed to pull the better fish. The moors were looking stunning. After spending a few days looking at it from under a hood and trying to see through drizzle, it was nice to be able to look around and see what it really looks like.

Nice weather.... Stunning stream!!

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