Saturday, 16 March 2013

Hurry up...and wait.

I mentioned that it had been a long closed season, I am not sure I have awaited the start of the season with so much eagerness as I have this one. And so it was with some disappointment that I opened the curtains on the 15th, the first day of our trout season in Devon to be faced with grey skies, high winds and heavy rain. Washout.

That didn't stop me having a bit of a wander about though and for a while the sun even came out.

The river was high and in spate, but nowhere near as high as it had been that winter. My dogs are sat at least 6 feet higher than the flooded river and you can see that the floodwater had been over the top of the wire fence.

It is approaching that time of year when if you are a drake mallard it pays to be looking at your best.

The last of the snowdrops, those that hadn't been flattened by the wind and the rain.

So good as always to be out and about on the river, but for fishing I will just have to wait...


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